Over 200 employees

Skagen Sandblæseri & Skibsservice employs over 200 employees. We are able to offer a very flexible taskforce to help solve a specific case or project – and we can work across our different units.

Surface treatment of wind rotor blades

Skagen Sandblæseri & Skibsservice handles surface treatment of new wind rotor blades. Additionally, we offer wind turbine power curve upgrades and installation of Leading Edge Protection.

We are highly specialized in surface treatment on new wind rotor blades in factory environments in both Aalborg and Nakskov.

We help improve the performance of the new rotor blades by testing and upgrading power curves. Moreover, we install Leading Edge Protection (LEP) to protect blades against rain and particle erosion. LEP will prevent and solve leading edge erosion on wind rotor blades caused by the ongoing wear and tear on wind turbine blades. It will show as a very good investment, because wind turbine operators will experience less expensive costs on surface treatment every other year or every third year to delay degradation.

Repairing rotor blades once they have suffered leading-edge erosion damage can be costly and time-consuming, so prevention is better than cure. If the damage is done we are ready to help with a leading-edge protection (LEP) upgrade solution.

Who we have upgraded

  • Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy
  • Mitsubishi VESTAS Offshore Wind
  • VESTAS Wind Systems

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