Dedicated to the cause

We are more than 300 employees in seven different locations across Denmark, Poland, and the U.S. And we are all working for the same cause: Upgrading your business.


Upgrading your business

For more than 35 years we have specialized in painting and surface treatment. It began with upgrading of ships and vessels. Today we handle maintenance and repairs of both bridges, power plants, steel components for wind turbine and wind turbine rotor blades.

We provide both production facilities and onsite services to the wind industry, offshore markets as well as the steel and metal industry. Our key focus is on being a preferred supplier of surface treatments, maintenance and repairs of large steel, metal and fiber glass components.

The company is owned by the Conradsen family. Skagen Sandblæseri & Skibsservice was founded by Ole Conradsen in 1984 in Skagen, Denmark. Back then the main area of work was surface treatment of fishing boats, and that is why the boat is still an important part of our identity and storytelling.

The two sons of Ole Conradsen, Dennis Conradsen and Jan Conradsen, are filling out the shoes of their father. Dennis is our CEO and Jan is Head of Quality and HSE.