The Story

Skagen Sandblæseri & Skibsservice is a family owned business founded by Ole Conradsen in 1984 in Skagen, Denmark. The main area of work was surface treatment of fishing boats.

In 1988, the company moved its head office 40 km south to Frederikshavn to start up a collaboration with one of the major shipyards, Orkov, focusing on surface treatment of new and larger ships and repairs of older ones.

When the wind industry gathered speed, the company expanded its area of work to include towers for wind turbines and had companies such as Bonus, Enron and NEG Micon.

In the late 1990’s, the company expands its activities to include collaboration with the shipyard in Hvide Sande, Denmark, and a mobile division is established to meet the demands from other countries in Scandinavia which resulted in work in Norway, Sweden and the Faroe Islands.

At the same time, the Nakskov factory is established in Nakskov Shipyard’s production facilities to accommodate the increasing demand from the wind industry. In the beginning the focus is on surface treatment of towers for wind turbines, but this is later expanded to include rotor blades which to this day remains a large part of the work area.

At the turn of the century, the business in the eastern part of Denmark opened which led to a 5-year service contract for Storstrømsbroen and the business areas expanded to include handling of tower sections, i.e. storage, transportation and casting of foundations.

This was also the time, when surface treatment of rotor blades became a large part of the business and the production capacity in Nakskov was increased considerably to accommodate orders from Vestas System A/S to paint rotor blades.

In 2002, Siemens Wind Power placed orders for painting of rotor blades and a temporary set-up was established in Frederikshavn which was in operation until 2006, when the production was moved to Siemens Wind Power’s factory in Aalborg, Denmark where it is still ongoing.

The mobile division expands and more orders for maintenance of bridges are placed one of which is Langebro in Copenhagen which was particularly challenging due to the daily traffic in the harbour and the construction of the bridge which required special solutions for scaffolding and equipment. Maintenance of power stations is included in the areas of work in collaboration with IBKA.

In recent years, orders in the wind industry has increased, and areas of work have expanded to include repair and retrofit campaigns for rotor blades, both in factory environments and on site.

Skagen Sandblæseri & Skibsservice now consists of several departments, specialising in different areas, though still within in surface treatment and maintenance.

The company is still owned by the Conradsen family.