In our company, we want to ensure that we always deliver the agreed service to our customers, that our customers get a positive impression of our company, and that they consider us as a serious partner for inspection, repair, leading edge protection, surface treatment, and upgrades on wind turbines, blades, and steel components.


We place a special emphasis on:

  • That the delivered product meets the quality agreed upon.
  • That the customer experience that the service is professional with regards to:
    • Professional and technical skills.
    • Kindness.
    • Compliance with agreements.
    • Cleanliness of workplaces including the cleaning up after mobile working
  • That the projects are treated under consideration of relevant environmental and safety requirements meaning that they are:
    • in accordance with the relevant environmental permit.
    • according to the rules for waste management.
    • according to the rules for handling the (chemical) substances and materials.
  • That the company as a whole is perceived as organized and professional.
  • That we work in accordance with quality objectives.


Moreover, we want to continuously:

  • optimize our work processes.
  • ensure that our equipment is legal and well-functioning.
  • optimize material consumption.
  • ensure that our employees have relevant education and training relative to the individual tasks.


Our quality policy and quality management system apply to everyone in the company and all our employees are required to comply with the relevant regulations and at the same time, work to promote the quality management system efficiently.