Company policies


Occupational health & safety

A good physical and mental working environment creates satisfied and committed managers and employees for the benefit of both SKAGENSMALEREN and our customers.

The company's health and safety policy apply for all employees of SKAGENSMALEREN companies as well as all suppliers, contractors and others working in the company's areas.

We have a flat organization structure, which is why the work between our management and employees at all levels is characterised by dialogue, trust and mutual respect. The same applies to cooperation with external partners.

A good working environment is a concern for both employees and managers, and everyone is expected to contribute to creating safe and healthy workplaces with a focus on preventing wear and accidents.


Our objectives

Our health and safety policy focus on employees as the most important resource.

  • We will always support and help strengthen our employees' competencies.
  • We work continuously to be an attractive and developing workplace where a safe and healthy physical and mental work environment helps to retain and develop employees.
  • We ensure that our employees can always perform their duties in a safe and responsible way.
  • We value a good work-life balance.
  • We work to create a working environment without violence, threats, bullying or harassment and with respect for differences.
  • We respect human rights.
  • We do not allow discrimination against employees based on gender, race, religion, politics, union affiliation, sexual orientation or nationality.
  • We want to prevent accidents at work through sound management and planning.
  • We take the working environment into account as far as possible when purchasing, renovating or re-building our facilities.
  • We wish to comply with applicable national health and safety legislation at all times
  • Our target is to have a 5% annually reduction of LTIFR (Lost Time Incident Frequency Rate)

([Number of lost time injuries in the reporting period] x 1.000.000) / (Total hours worked in the reporting period)


This is how we implement it

We assume responsibility as both project manager of our customers and as an employer in our own factories and have high ambitions to ensure a good working environment.

  • We continuously develop and evaluate our OSH management system to create consistency in methods and tools.
  • We expect everyone working in and for SKAGENSMALEREN's companies to record and contribute to reporting Safety Observations, Errors, Near Misses or Accidents. Causes must be analyzed, and the necessary corrections must be made quickly to avoid repetition.
  • We create the framework for a safe and good working environment, and at the same time expect the individual employee to take care of himself and his colleagues. This complies with applicable national/international rules, guidelines and other binding agreements in the field of occupational safety and health and safety.
  • Internal supervision/safety inspections are carried out at our factories or at our customers sites to help our own departments and partners ensure the good working environment and prevent accidents happening.
  • Through information and training, we develop the employees' and managers' knowledge and competences within the working environment area.
  • The Safety Organisation supports the local work for a good working environment and in this context conducts risk assessments or well-being assessments. Occupational safety and health are managed through our OHS Administration system locally in each department.
  • We seek to involve our employees as much as possible when making operational changes that may affect the working environment. In doing so, we ensure that our OSH management system remains dynamic.
  • The working environment assessment is reviewed annually at both the annual working environment discussion and the annual management evaluation.
  • An ongoing internal audit is held to help ensure a good working environment
  • At SKAGENSMALEREN we also keep an ongoing focus on our use of solvents, which we strive to limit, among other things, the use of high solid varnishes in combination with aqueous systems.

The health and safety policy is publicly available and is posted in all our departments.