SKAGENSMALEREN environmental policy applies to all affiliated companies and locations during any activities of SKAGENSMALEREN as well as to all suppliers, contractors and others who work in the company's territories and must be followed as appropriate by any employee in his daily functions, tasks and actions.

When carrying out surface treatment, maintenance and upgrading of our customers' products we wish to ensure that we at any time during these processes respect the principles of  the environment. Likewise, we will always focus on appropriate product use and proper technology, taking due financial considerations into account.


Our objectives

SKAGENSMALEREN environmental policy focuses on making the minimum impact on our environment and climate. We will ensure this by:

  • To continuously work to reduce our environmental impact 
  • Setting targets for reducing energy consumption
  • That our factories comply with our VOC reduction programs
  • To comply with the environmental legislation in force always in Denmark and everywhere else we may operate
  • To comply with good practice applicable to the ISO 14001 standard as well as other binding environmental obligations that we may have endorsed
  • To purchase both environmentally conscious and sustainable products when possible in relation to our customer agreements
  • All our departments are certified for ISO 14001
  • That each of our departments reduces their energy consumption by at minimum 5% annually


How to live it

SKAGENSMALEREN takes responsibility as an environmentally conscious organization. What we do to live up to our own goals:

  • To reduce our amount of waste by managing our work processes optimally
    • Recycle excess materials where possible
    • Upgrade excess materials where possible
    • Proper sorting of our waste according to national law
  • To control energy consumption by continuously monitoring our consumption of water, electricity and gas/heat
  • That we implement energy improvement whenever possible
  • To have open communication with interested stakeholders including relevant authorities about our environmental impact
  • To conduct ongoing internal audits to ensure we comply with ISO 14001 standard requirements
  • To optimize the number of products that can be processed simultaneously in the paint booths if possible
  • To use the most environmentally friendly paint products that our customer agreements allow
  • Making the best use of raw materials and energy
  • Our environmental performance is assessed on an ongoing basis and reviewed once a year for the annual management evaluation.

The environmental policy is publicly available and is posted in all our departments.