Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

We want at any time to carry out Surface Treatment to our customers’ products based on environmentally friendly principles. We focus on appropriate use of product and technology, taking duly economic considerations.

Environmental policy applies to the entire company and must in relevant extent be complied by any employee in their daily functions, tasks and actions.

We will comply with the current environmental law, ISO 14001 standard and other compliance obligations that the company may join.

When purchasing we take into account both environmental and cost benefits, including keeping ourselves informed of new environmentally correct products and production methods for surface treatment. We work after established environmental targets such as we continuously aim for using raw materials and energy in the best possible way and reduce the emission from our processes and preventing contamination.

We control this by monitoring our significant environmental impacts as targets and by action plans and hereafter evaluate our performance.

In communication with the authorities are we always to be open about the environmental impacts linked to the company’s processes and products. In relation to other interested parties is our environmental policy public accessible.

You are also welcome to download our policies as a PDF.