Company policies


Occupational health & safety

In our company, every employee is an important resource. The purpose of this policy statement is to create a foundation for developing and maintaining a healthy physical and mental working environment in order for our employees to keep safe and well.

Our intention is to:

  • Ensure that all employees can perform their duties in a safe and healthy manner.
  • Prevent our working environment from causing absence, accidents, and physical and mental illnesses.
  • Ensure a healthy workplace with focus on the wellbeing and development of our employees.
  • Consider our working environment when we make changes to work routines.
  • Consider our working environment, to the extent that it is possible, when we make purchases, and when we build or renovate our facilities.
  • Encourage each employee to take an active part in keeping safe as well as contributing to an improved working environment for his or her co-workers.

All managers are responsible for complying with the OHS policy within their area of responsibility. They are obliged to contribute to the continuous improvement of our working environment, and they must act as role models in the daily work.

Our objective is to remove or reduce any hazards in our working environment by way of preventive actions. By doing this, we increase the health and safety of our employees.

We comply with legal requirements and meet any binding obligations which our customers may require.

Our employees are included and consulted when we make changes which affect the working environment. In this way we ensure that our OHS management system stays dynamic.

Our working environment representatives are trained to perform their duties, and they are well represented across the entire company which ensures that our working environment organization is well-functioning. The working environment organization is included in all relevant discussions about the working environment. In order for us to keep our representatives qualified and for them to maintain their knowledge about the working environment, they are offered continuing education annually.

The occupational health and safety policy statement is reviewed once every year during our annual OHS talk.